4.- Monitoring

The Monitoring module generates new contents of interest for the workgroup using different methods:

  • Exploiting sources integrated in Hontza in Sources module.
  • Direct Importing of RSS feeds.
  • Applying keyword filtering to RSS feeds
  • Creating dynamic folders: Advanced search in all the channels of the group
  • Generating user news

Also Monitoring module provides collaboration mechanisms of Web 2.0:

  • Validate or reject a news
  • Comment a news
  • Rate (1-5) the importance of a news
  • Tag a news
  • Attach documents to a news
  • Begin a discussion thread from a news
  • Begin the writing of a collaborative document (wiki) from a news
  • Begin the building of an idea from a news

This module is adapted to the needs of any kind of collaboration network.

Every Information Channel has the following details:

  • Name of the channel
  • Creation date
  • Time of last update
  • Categories
  • Type of source
  • Filtering responsible
  • Url
  • Rating
  • Time analysis of contents