FAQS / Frequently asked questions

Hontza-01.- What's the CDE's vision about Competitive Intelligence?

CDE's vision is that Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Systems are as neccessary for XXI century companies as they were Quality Control Systems for XX century companies.

At the present, the main challenge of  companies is not to maintain the systematic generation of quality products/services, but to start the systematic generation of quality innovations.

Strategic and Competitive Intelligence is a key process to systematically generate quality innovations.


Hontza-02.- What's the opinion of CDE about open source software for Competitive Intelligence?

CDE understands that open source software for Competitive Intelligence is the best option:

  • To share the concept of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence.
  • To share the practice of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence.
  • To promote the activity of Consultancy in Strategic and Competitive Intelligence.

As a consequence, it's the best option to improve the Innovation Culture in the society.

Hontza-03.- Who wins and what do they win by using Hontza?

  • Increasing of the Competitive Intelligence culture.
  • Promotion of UNE 166006:2011 RTD Management: Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence
  • Boost of the Innovation Management, diversification, etc
  • Access to a new emerging market
  • Collaboration to generate new open source software and coordinate efforts in a global way.
Experts in Information Sources Collaboration to locate and evaluate the best information sources
Information Professionals Collaboration to optimise the way organizations share and use strategic informations.
Consultants Collaboration, boost of the activity and quality of the consultancy
Public Administrations Saving of resources devoted to help the implantation of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Systems in SMEs. Decreasing of the implantation cost.
  • Improvement of the Strategic Information Management.
  • Improvement of the process to understand the enviroment.
  • Improvement of the speed and the quality of the response to the competitive enviroment.
  • Improvement of the survival in global and complex scenarios
  • Profiting from opportunities and avoiding the threats.
  • Availability of a good quality, low cost and customized Strategic and Competitive Intelligence System.


Hontza-04.- Is CDE fully commited to Open Source?

The commitment of CDE to Open Source is disclosed in the following points:

  • Yes, we are fully COMMITTED to Open Source

100% of software produced by CDE about Competitive Intelligence is published using Open Source GPL License. See History for more details. The commitment to Open Source has a long tradition in CDE

We think that we can have a sustainable bussines model, because the open source code increases the demand of services and consultancy.

  • Yes, we are TOLERANTS

We understand that customers need software just for their own use and profit. That's what we call Private Modules.

There are companies wanting to use Hontza, but also they consider that GPL license could be a problem if they have to include confidential information treatments or commercial secrets in their developements. They don't like to open their own confidential information.

In CDE we don't support private modules or particular developments, but we have included that service in Hontza Enterprise. We will provide you Private Modules of Hontza if needed, in compliance with GPL license.

Our bussines model and our strategy is based on generating a completely open source enviroment, that's why we don't want to introduce private software.

Hontza's open source enviroment combines the effort and contributions of the community and the specialized knowledge of the network of partners and allies of Hontza. That's what makes Hontza a great product.

We don't like to damage this open source enviroment, that's why we take every precaution. For example, Hontza Enterprise allows the customers to generate and use their own Private Modules for their own use, but it doesn't allow its distribution or resale.

Hontza-05.- Which are the differences between Hontza, Hontza Online and Hontza Enterprise?

Hontza Online and Hontza Enterprise are different services based in the same software product, Hontza, that is open source and GPL License.

Hontza software doesn't have any guarantee: no support guarantee, maintenance, error fixing or migrating between versions. Hontza software is distributed in open source and  GPL License. This license requires the distribution of all of its developments using the same GPL License.

Hontza Online is a service provided by CDE. It's offered to those organizations wanting to use the Hontza online service, so that they don't have to execute any kind of installation. The software is the same and it remains free. Only the maintenance service must be paid, so Hontza Online is very cheap.

Hontza Enterprise is a service provided by CDE. It's completely designed for a professional user, and it includes all the usual tasks of a professional service: Support for technical or functional questions, security alerts, maintenance (unlimited bug fixing), and unlimited migrations to new versions.

Hontza Enterprise contract specifies the limit defined by CDE to generate Private Modules in compliance to the principles of GPL License. That limit is planned for organizations needing to include confidential information or comercial secrets in the new Hontza modules which are executed only for internal use. If for any reason a Private Module is shown in a public address, it turns into a Public Module and GPL License is applied to it.

Hontza-06.- What is Hontza Online trial?

Hontza Online trial consists of an access for a limited period of time to a test Working Group having a previously defined challenge.

Hontza Online trial makes the users learning by playing how it works. As a result they get some skills in the use of the platform. The details are defined below:

Working Group: ACME (Coyote versus Road Runner)

Group objective: The users (Coyote) have to catch the Road Runner. The game consists in developing strategies to catch it in any imaginary situation and in any place or age defined by users.

In any of the imagined scenarios, the user has to deploy the strategy to identify the key watching factors. From that moment on, the user will be able to create information channels that will give them informations and will help to prepare high quality ideas or projects to catch the Road Runner

Time period: 15 days

User rights: The users are group admins, so that they have the possibility to do what they want in the Working Group

  • Create Sources
  • Create channels
  • Filter, rate, tag, comment the news
  • Create and delete wikis
  • Create and delete forums
  • Create modify and delete ideas, opportunities and projects.


Licenses-01.- Which license is used in Hontza modules?

All Hontza modules are published in open source and GPL license, in the same way as any other part of the system.

GPL license requires the publishing of all Hontza modules using the same license, because they are part of the same software.

Licenses-02.- If I generate a new Hontza module, what license should I apply?

The basic and mandatory rule is that all Hontza modules are distributed using the same license used in the rest of the program.

That's the reason why, if you generate your own modules for Hontza, you should also publish them using GPL license.

If a company has a Hontza Enterprise contract it can ask for the development of a private module just for private useThis possibility allows to the company to publish confidential information or commercial secrets in new modules. This means that the specifications and the code of the module are private of the company and CDE. In that case, the company assumes the commitment of not sharing the existence of the Private Module by public media and that it's not going to be visible or publicly accessible. The company assumes that they are the sole resposible in case of any diffusion, own or by a third part.

In the contract of Hontza Enterprise, the Private Module doesn't exist legally so that it's not possible to apply the GPL license. As a conclusion, the source code of private modules is not public and it's not distributed to the users.

If for any reason the company, other organisation or anyone shows the existance of a Private Module, advertises it, makes it visible or accessible by a public address, it automatically turns into a Public module using GPL license. So that the code of that module turns into public and can be distributed to the users.

Licenses-03.- What is an Official Module or Certified Module?

An Official Module or Certified Module is a module that is certified by its quality. So it is included in the standard distribution of Hontza.

The Certified Modules are identified easily by a special mark.

Licenses-04.- What's a Private Module?

A Hontza Private Module is a Hontza module developed by a anyone or any organization used only by them for internal use of the organization.

Even if the person or the organization have generated the Hontza Private Module, they don't have the right to distribute or sell it to third parties. If anyway the module is distributed, it turns into public, and it isn't a Private Module anymore.

The contract of Hontza Enterprise allows to generate a Private Module only for internal use of the organization. It's also allowed for private users to access it in a remote way (for example, suppliers or customers) without giving the source code.

Licenses-05.- What is a Community Module?

Community Module is a module developed by any person of the community of contributors that is available for download and use of any person.

Community Module is distinguished from an Official Module by its certification, that is, the Official Module is included in the official distribution of Hontza, and it is covered by the Hontza Enterprise guarantee. Most of the Community Modules are available at the Hontza library (building).

It is important to differenciate between modules at the Hontza web and modules available by the community, that should be must bigger.

The Community Modules are not included in Hontza Online, because it is a low cost solution. In order to provide Hontza Online at a low cost, we can just trust the certified modules by the Hontza team, because the certification of modules requires a minimun maintenance and migration work. We can't extend all the services of migration and maintenance to all the Community Modules.

Licenses-06.- What kind of license have the modules generated inside the Hontza Enterprise Service?

Any user or organization subscribed to Hontza Enterprise could request Private Modules, aimed exclusively for internal use in their organization.

The Hontza Enterprise contract specifies which is the limit to generate Private Modules, according to the basics of GPL license. That limit is designed for organizations needing to include confidential information or commercial secrets in the new modules of Hontza, and they undertake to use them exclusively for internal use.

All the specifications included in Private Modules as well as the source code generated by their documents are strictly private. The company undertakes not to disclose the existency of Private Modules or making the application visible or accessible in a public way. The company assumes that it is the sole resposible of any publication, own or by others, of their Private Modules.

In brief, Private Modules generated inside Hontza Enterprise contract "simply don't exist" in a public way, that's why there's nothing to distribute.

If the company, other organization or any person publishes a Private Module generated inside Hontza Enterprise or advertises it, or gives access throught a public address, automatically that Private Module turns into a Community Module.

Automatically the source code of the module is public and it can figure in the library of modules generated by the Hontza community. If CDE considers that it is good enough, it can be an Official Module or a Certified Module, wich will be included in the official distribution of Hontza.

On the other hand, all the services based on Hontza must respect the GPL license, requiring that any user could download the code, to preserve the true nature of the open source project.

Licenses-07.- If I use Community Modules, do I have to publish the source code of the modules I build?

Yes, GPL License is used by Hontza and all of its modules. This license requires that any user can donwload the code of the modules, so that the nature of the Open Source is mantained.

It's a good practise, because other users accessing the code will be able to make suggestions and they will contribute to its improvement.

That makes open source projects, at the same time, more innovative, more agile, more secure, with a higher quality... and also cheaper!

Licenses-08.- If I have a Hontza Enterprise contract, do I have to publish the source code of my Private Modules?

It's not mandatory for Private Modules, if:

  • The contract is into effect.
  • You mantain your modules strictly in private (no third party distribution)

In other cases, you should apply the GPL License.

Licenses-09.- If I subcontract the development of a Hontza module, can it be a Private Module?

In general, if someone subcontracts the development of a Hontza module, the work is done in his/her name and the terms of the contract usually assign the authorship rights of the software to him/her.

The contract terms also specify that the subcontractor won't liberate the code without permission of the contractor.

In brief, the final situation is the same as if it was developed internally.

The most frequent questions about GPL license confirm that it is allowed to make developments by subcontractors and that this practice is not considered as a distribution of the developments.

Licenses-10.- Can I sell a Hontza module?

GPL license doesn't forbid the payment for the distribution of software using such license.

Even in this case, all the terms of the license still remain valid. This means that the source code must be provided together with the software... and anyone receiving this code can modify and redistribute it under GPL license for free.

Any person who gets the software can modify and redistribute it under the terms of GPL license. This means that you can't ask people getting your module not to redistribute it, because they have the right to do it.

In general, the experience shows that the payment of code under GPL License doesn't work and it isn't worth to sell it.

Note: Remember that selling copies of a Hontza Module is distribution. So it isn't compatible with the private use required by Hontza Enterprise service.

Licenses-11.- I have more questions about GPL license, where could I find more information?

To answer any doubt about GPL license and the rights and requirements related to the software and services, there's a Frequently Asked Questions webpage in the following address:


If you have any doubt about Hontza software and  the rights and requirements related to Hontza Online and Hontza Enterprise services, please contact us at hontza@hontza.es

Support-01.- In which Hontza versions are guaranteed the error fixes with Hontza Enterprise?

Hontza Enterprise contract is renewed every year and it guarantees the error fixing of Hontza while the contract is active. When a higher version is published the period to migrate to this version is 6 months.

For example, if a customer signs a Hontza Enterprise contract with Hontza v3.0.

In this case, the customer will be covered by the error fixing, if the actual official version of Hontza is v3.xx

When Hontza v4.0 is released, the customer will have 6 months to migrate to the new version because from this date the errors of Hontza v3.xx won't be repaired.

Support-02.- Hontza Enterprise completely manages the migration between versions?

Hontza offers the Migration Service including all the necessary tasks to migrate between two main versions of Hontza. The Migration Service is included in the Hontza Enterprise service. This service includes:

  • The adaptation of the Modules (official and private) to new versions
  • The migration of the customization and configuration
  • The data migration

The customer only has to select the database and the customized modules. The migration team of Hontza will take care of all the tecnicall details.

This service allows the customers to follow the evolution and the improvements of the new features of each new version.

In addition to the Migration Service, is possible that customers need some additional services, training courses about new features of he new version, copies and restoration of databases, checking of the migrated databases, activation of new features, services, etc.

Hontza can reduce drastically the time and cost of a migration.