Hontza-03.- Who wins and what do they win by using Hontza?

  • Increasing of the Competitive Intelligence culture.
  • Promotion of UNE 166006:2011 RTD Management: Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence
  • Boost of the Innovation Management, diversification, etc
  • Access to a new emerging market
  • Collaboration to generate new open source software and coordinate efforts in a global way.
Experts in Information Sources Collaboration to locate and evaluate the best information sources
Information Professionals Collaboration to optimise the way organizations share and use strategic informations.
Consultants Collaboration, boost of the activity and quality of the consultancy
Public Administrations Saving of resources devoted to help the implantation of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Systems in SMEs. Decreasing of the implantation cost.
  • Improvement of the Strategic Information Management.
  • Improvement of the process to understand the enviroment.
  • Improvement of the speed and the quality of the response to the competitive enviroment.
  • Improvement of the survival in global and complex scenarios
  • Profiting from opportunities and avoiding the threats.
  • Availability of a good quality, low cost and customized Strategic and Competitive Intelligence System.