Hontza-04.- Is CDE fully commited to Open Source?

The commitment of CDE to Open Source is disclosed in the following points:

  • Yes, we are fully COMMITTED to Open Source

100% of software produced by CDE about Competitive Intelligence is published using Open Source GPL License. See History for more details. The commitment to Open Source has a long tradition in CDE

We think that we can have a sustainable bussines model, because the open source code increases the demand of services and consultancy.

  • Yes, we are TOLERANTS

We understand that customers need software just for their own use and profit. That's what we call Private Modules.

There are companies wanting to use Hontza, but also they consider that GPL license could be a problem if they have to include confidential information treatments or commercial secrets in their developements. They don't like to open their own confidential information.

In CDE we don't support private modules or particular developments, but we have included that service in Hontza Enterprise. We will provide you Private Modules of Hontza if needed, in compliance with GPL license.

Our bussines model and our strategy is based on generating a completely open source enviroment, that's why we don't want to introduce private software.

Hontza's open source enviroment combines the effort and contributions of the community and the specialized knowledge of the network of partners and allies of Hontza. That's what makes Hontza a great product.

We don't like to damage this open source enviroment, that's why we take every precaution. For example, Hontza Enterprise allows the customers to generate and use their own Private Modules for their own use, but it doesn't allow its distribution or resale.