Hontza-05.- Which are the differences between Hontza, Hontza Online and Hontza Enterprise?

Hontza Online and Hontza Enterprise are different services based in the same software product, Hontza, that is open source and GPL License.

Hontza software doesn't have any guarantee: no support guarantee, maintenance, error fixing or migrating between versions. Hontza software is distributed in open source and  GPL License. This license requires the distribution of all of its developments using the same GPL License.

Hontza Online is a service provided by CDE. It's offered to those organizations wanting to use the Hontza online service, so that they don't have to execute any kind of installation. The software is the same and it remains free. Only the maintenance service must be paid, so Hontza Online is very cheap.

Hontza Enterprise is a service provided by CDE. It's completely designed for a professional user, and it includes all the usual tasks of a professional service: Support for technical or functional questions, security alerts, maintenance (unlimited bug fixing), and unlimited migrations to new versions.

Hontza Enterprise contract specifies the limit defined by CDE to generate Private Modules in compliance to the principles of GPL License. That limit is planned for organizations needing to include confidential information or comercial secrets in the new Hontza modules which are executed only for internal use. If for any reason a Private Module is shown in a public address, it turns into a Public Module and GPL License is applied to it.