Hontza-06.- What is Hontza Online trial?

Hontza Online trial consists of an access for a limited period of time to a test Working Group having a previously defined challenge.

Hontza Online trial makes the users learning by playing how it works. As a result they get some skills in the use of the platform. The details are defined below:

Working Group: ACME (Coyote versus Road Runner)

Group objective: The users (Coyote) have to catch the Road Runner. The game consists in developing strategies to catch it in any imaginary situation and in any place or age defined by users.

In any of the imagined scenarios, the user has to deploy the strategy to identify the key watching factors. From that moment on, the user will be able to create information channels that will give them informations and will help to prepare high quality ideas or projects to catch the Road Runner

Time period: 15 days

User rights: The users are group admins, so that they have the possibility to do what they want in the Working Group

  • Create Sources
  • Create channels
  • Filter, rate, tag, comment the news
  • Create and delete wikis
  • Create and delete forums
  • Create modify and delete ideas, opportunities and projects.