Licenses-02.- If I generate a new Hontza module, what license should I apply?

The basic and mandatory rule is that all Hontza modules are distributed using the same license used in the rest of the program.

That's the reason why, if you generate your own modules for Hontza, you should also publish them using GPL license.

If a company has a Hontza Enterprise contract it can ask for the development of a private module just for private useThis possibility allows to the company to publish confidential information or commercial secrets in new modules. This means that the specifications and the code of the module are private of the company and CDE. In that case, the company assumes the commitment of not sharing the existence of the Private Module by public media and that it's not going to be visible or publicly accessible. The company assumes that they are the sole resposible in case of any diffusion, own or by a third part.

In the contract of Hontza Enterprise, the Private Module doesn't exist legally so that it's not possible to apply the GPL license. As a conclusion, the source code of private modules is not public and it's not distributed to the users.

If for any reason the company, other organisation or anyone shows the existance of a Private Module, advertises it, makes it visible or accessible by a public address, it automatically turns into a Public module using GPL license. So that the code of that module turns into public and can be distributed to the users.