Licenses-05.- What is a Community Module?

Community Module is a module developed by any person of the community of contributors that is available for download and use of any person.

Community Module is distinguished from an Official Module by its certification, that is, the Official Module is included in the official distribution of Hontza, and it is covered by the Hontza Enterprise guarantee. Most of the Community Modules are available at the Hontza library (building).

It is important to differenciate between modules at the Hontza web and modules available by the community, that should be must bigger.

The Community Modules are not included in Hontza Online, because it is a low cost solution. In order to provide Hontza Online at a low cost, we can just trust the certified modules by the Hontza team, because the certification of modules requires a minimun maintenance and migration work. We can't extend all the services of migration and maintenance to all the Community Modules.