Licenses-06.- What kind of license have the modules generated inside the Hontza Enterprise Service?

Any user or organization subscribed to Hontza Enterprise could request Private Modules, aimed exclusively for internal use in their organization.

The Hontza Enterprise contract specifies which is the limit to generate Private Modules, according to the basics of GPL license. That limit is designed for organizations needing to include confidential information or commercial secrets in the new modules of Hontza, and they undertake to use them exclusively for internal use.

All the specifications included in Private Modules as well as the source code generated by their documents are strictly private. The company undertakes not to disclose the existency of Private Modules or making the application visible or accessible in a public way. The company assumes that it is the sole resposible of any publication, own or by others, of their Private Modules.

In brief, Private Modules generated inside Hontza Enterprise contract "simply don't exist" in a public way, that's why there's nothing to distribute.

If the company, other organization or any person publishes a Private Module generated inside Hontza Enterprise or advertises it, or gives access throught a public address, automatically that Private Module turns into a Community Module.

Automatically the source code of the module is public and it can figure in the library of modules generated by the Hontza community. If CDE considers that it is good enough, it can be an Official Module or a Certified Module, wich will be included in the official distribution of Hontza.

On the other hand, all the services based on Hontza must respect the GPL license, requiring that any user could download the code, to preserve the true nature of the open source project.