Support-02.- Hontza Enterprise completely manages the migration between versions?

Hontza offers the Migration Service including all the necessary tasks to migrate between two main versions of Hontza. The Migration Service is included in the Hontza Enterprise service. This service includes:

  • The adaptation of the Modules (official and private) to new versions
  • The migration of the customization and configuration
  • The data migration

The customer only has to select the database and the customized modules. The migration team of Hontza will take care of all the tecnicall details.

This service allows the customers to follow the evolution and the improvements of the new features of each new version.

In addition to the Migration Service, is possible that customers need some additional services, training courses about new features of he new version, copies and restoration of databases, checking of the migrated databases, activation of new features, services, etc.

Hontza can reduce drastically the time and cost of a migration.