8.- Proposals

The objective of this module is to help the WorkGroup to go one step beyond, "to build the best proposal to the competitive environment”. There are three levels:

  • Ideas
  • Opportunities
  • Projects

This module tries to foster the generation of ideas alligned to the strategy, by using the information captured in the Monitoring module.

Every user has the option to write his/her own idea and to define the precise subgroup of people with whom he/she would like to share this specific idea. All the members of the subgroup will be able to rate, discuss and complete the idea, identifying opportunities according to the previously defined challenges and building draft projects.

Also the user can include selected external people or guests to get extra knowledge, validation, etc. in order to improve the quality of the project.

Ideas and Opportunities are rated by group members. Projects are rated by management using six parameters: technology accessibility, project risk, project investments, market potential, business impact and speed of execution.

Hontza foster the competition between Ideas, Opportunities and Projects as they evolve in their definition, contents, phases, ellaboration and detais through different contributions.

This is the end point of the competitive and strategic cycle: As a summary of all the work done, the workgroup has on one side the Strategic Challenges and on the other side the Proposals: the list of ideas, opportunities, rejected projects, draft projects and approved projects.