9.- Facilitators

The module Facilitators shows the actual offer of services and the approved experts providing such services in the Hontza installation.

The experts can be filtered by Service. At the moment there are the following services:

Strategic Consultancy

  • Strategic Deployment
  • Key Informations 

Information Management Consultancy

  • Locate Information Sources
  • Search Optimisation

TICS Consultancy

  • HTML-RSS Conversión
  • Code modification
  • Creation of new modules

Human Resources Consultancy

  • Group Collaboration
  • Creativity

Innovation Consultancy

  • Evaluation-Selection of Ideas
  • Project building
  • Project evaluation

Other Specialised Consultancies

  • Intellectual Property
  • International trade
  • Legal
The list shows the following data:
  • Company name
  • Company Logo
  • Company introduction
  • Contact data of the company:
    • telephone
    • website
    • e-mail
    • Services of the company