7.- Customised Alerts

Hontza has one customised alert system and two bulletin types:

Customised Alerts: The objective is to send the most interesting informations in the right format and frequency according to every user preferences. Every user can define as many alerts as wanted. Every alert has the following parameters:

  • The frequency (weekly or daily).
  • The contents (by channel, by category, by user). The user can choose to receive the contents before filtering (all the incoming informations) or after filtering (just the validated informations)
  • The shipping method (HTML e-mail or webpage).

Group Bulletin: Its objective is that every member of the Group receives the social contents of the Group (comments, discussions, ideas, opportunities, projects, etc.). The contents, frequency and sending method are defined by the Group Administrator. The Group Administrator also defines the recipients of the bulletin (all the members of the group are included by default).


Customised Bulletins: They are content curation bulletins. Those bulletins are edited from a list of pre-selected news, including comments and can be edited following two ways:

  • by a filtering specialist that validates the content for the rest of the group.
  • by all the member of the group, filtering for other people or interest groups, inside or outside of the organisation.

Customised Bulletins can show also other contents like discussions, wikis, reports, ideas, opportunities or projects.