11.- Help or FAQs

The Help module is a set of more than 110 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQs explain the principles or basics of Hontza, the objectives of all the Hontza modules and all the menu options and details. There are more than 60 pages with a question-answer structure. The Help module can be considered as the Hontza Manual. This document is changing and evolving as new functionalities and modules are added.

The Help module is located in the top right menu of Hontza webpages, so it is necessary to install Hontza or to be registered in Hontza Online to have access to the Help contents. 

In order to disseminate this Help to all interested people we have generated a pdf document with the content of all the FAQs. It is available in this link: Hontza_FAQs_es.pdf