7. April 2013 - Hontza 3.5

Hontza 3.5

Architecture: Based on Drupal
Partners: CDE and NetKam
Customer: -
Financing: -
Content: Improvements in usability and some new functions.
Hontza 3.5 provides new functions in the following areas:
  • Integration of a new mechanism to create information sources
    • Tracking of HTML pages (beta)
  • Web Services Integration in information sources
    • Alchemy (it takes the full text of every news)
    • Open Calais (it does the automatic labelling of every news)
    • FulltextRSSFeed (it takes the full text of every news)
  • Improvements in the installation program
    • Completely new installation wizard
    • Hontza contains a pre-built Test group
    • Hontza contains a pre-built pack of 14 information sources
  • Beginning of Hontza Network implementation
    • Every Hontza installation can be part of Hontza Network
Result: Hontza 3.5 improves its usability and functionalities.