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For whom?

Hontza4 is a program designed to run in a Server and to be managed by a Server Administrator.
Hontza4 can be installed in any server (windows or linux) associated to a domain or IP address.
Hontza4 is designed to provide Technology Monitoring Services and Competitive/Strategic Intelligence Services on Internet.

What is it?

The compressed file hontza4.gzip, that will expand to:

1.- User Guide

2.- Admin Guide (use it for the installation)

3.- Hontza4 directory and files

What for?

  • To support the Technology and Competitive Intelligence process in any organisation
  • To provide Competitive Intelligence Services to end users by any services company


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  • FREE
  • Open source.
  • GPL license.
  • The software is offered as it is.
  • It doesn't include support for installation, configuration or maintenance.
  • It doesn't include support for the migration to new versions
  • It doesn't include any tipe of services (bugs correction, module installation, etc.)

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Hontza - Open Source Plataform for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence

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