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For whom

Organisations who want consultancy to implant a Competitive Intelligence System

For all. It's a low cost online solution, hosted and maintained by Hontza team.

Organisations who want  to use Hontza in their own server with the support of the Hontza team.

How much

Custom budget depending on:

  • Size of the enterprise
  • Starting situation
  • The scope of consultancy.

Quarterly prices:

230€ - Group till 5 pers

360€ - Group from 6 to 10 pers

520€ - Group from 11 to 25 pers

660€ - Group from 26 to 50 pers

Other cases - ask us

Installing: Custom budget.

Maintenance: Minimum of 150€/month depending on different requirements.


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Ask for a budget


Customised consultancy, it could include:

  • Strategic deployment
  • Creation and organisation of Working Groups
  • Identification of critical information needs
  • Selection, exploitation and automation of main information sources
  • Structuration of contents
  • CI Internal Manual
  • Indicators definition
  • Indicators Management
  • Consultancy for the certification on UNE166006

It includes:

  • Hosted by  Hontza
  • Low cost solution
  • Backups
  • Support to migration to new versions
  • Mantenance

It doesn't include:

  • Private Modules
  • Extra Modules

It includes:

  • Open source
  • GPL license + Private use
  • Doubt support
  • Support to migration to new versions
  • Bug correction
  • Private modules
  • Security alerts
  • Hosted in the organisation server

More info:

Read FAQ

Read FAQ

Read FAQ