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Being Hontza Consultant you reinforce your bussiness. Also you don't care about software maintenance. Your companies (your customers) also win, because they continue having you as a consultant and they get an online Competitive Intelligence Service.
Requirement: To have a LinkedIn profile showing experience as Technology, Competitive and Strategic Intelligence Consultant.
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Hontza ONLINE manages a very long value chain.
If you are a specialist/consultant with experience in: strategy, information sources, TICS, creativity, innovation etc., you can be a Hontza Facilitator. You only have to subscribe and you will be able to provide services to Hontza ONLINE groups!
Requirement: To have a LinkedIn profile showing experience in the selected areas.  
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The easiest way of collaborating is spreading Hontza. If you have a blog, if you use social networks, if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, we invite you to mention Hontza.

In that way you help Hontza to get more users, more collaborators and have a faster development. Hontza is a free software application written in open source code. The software is free, downloadable and modifiable. It is a Drupal distribution, and should be spread.

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Hontza Network consists of all the organizations that have installed Hontza and agree to share some resources. If you have installed Hontza in your organization, subscribe to Hontza Network and go a step forward than the rest of users that have just started!

Being in the Hontza Network, you gain visibility and you can become a reference or a Success Case.

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Write documents If you want to collaborate with documentation, cases, etc. don't hesitate to send it to us. If approved, your documents will appear in our website showing your authorship. Send us your documents to
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We have the LinkedIn support group "Hontza - Plataforma de software libre para Inteligencia Competitiva", to centralize all type of incidents, ideas, etc.

Sign up to write your opinions to make Hontza better and better. You could ask, answer, interact, show your skills and help to other users.

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Suggest improvements If you are a Hontza user, you could suggest improvements. You have 10 points to share between different suggestions. It's very important for us to know the preferences of the users. Click in Suggestions
Generate new code If you are a programmer, we would like you to collaborate with any type of patches, improvements, modules, new elements or by showing us errors and bugs. Any of these options are a good way to collaborate to Hontza!. Write us to
Generate new themes If you are a designer and you like generating new themes, we would like you to collaborate with those you think appropiate to Hontza. Write us to