Uses / For whom?

Hontza is designed to provide CI services to any Group having a Challenge to get!. Depending on the type of group (open or closed) and the type of challenge (competitive or collaborative), the scenario can be different.

Companies: A company is a private group with (at least) a competitive challenge! Would you like to monitor your competitive enviroment? Markets, products, competitors, technologies, legislation ... Would you like to anticipate and detect oportunities before your competitors?
Research groups: Are you a researcher involved in a project with other organizations? Do you collaborate with colleagues all around the world? Would you like to detect, share, discuss about last developments with your colleagues in real time and react as quick as possible?
Observatories: Would you like to control a complex area? With a lot of variables? Using a lot of sources? Working with a lot of people? Capturing and analyzing multiple data and news?
Collaborative groups: Are you a member of a learning community? A community of practice? Sharing experiences and best practices? An open innovation group? An interest group? A prospective group? A group of synergy? A discussion group? A working group? Are you collaborating in an open scenario?
Associations and Clusters: Would you like to dynamize and improve the comunication in your asociation or Cluster? Would you like to promote working groups specialized in building projects?

Hontza can be setup to watch about any challenge (competitive, technological, market, regulations, innovation, diversification, etc) in any area of activity (commercial, manufacturing, learning, research, any type of services...).