Advantages / What does Hontza Online offer?

Hontza Online is an Online Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Sevice:

Easy setup: You don't have to buy anything. You don't have to worry about the hardware, software licenses, etc.
Services: You don't have to worry about communication contracts, bandwidth, hosting service, maintenance, backups, etc.
Updates: You enjoy the new functionalities as soon as they are implemented. You don't have to download updates, install, etc.
Community: You have the posibility to interact with other users and to learn from their experiences.
Facilitators: You have a wide offer of facilitators (certified experts) to advise and to help you to extract all the power from this tool.
Training: You have extra help resources and online learning courses that will help you to solve your doubts and learn quickly.
Resources: You enjoy the new resources as soon as they are available.