2. October 2010- Hontza 2.0

Hontza 2.0
Architecture: Based on Drupal
Partners: CDE and Investic.
Customer: Aveq.
Financing: SPRI
Content: Project to automate the competitive watching tasks of a group of people in the chemical industry.
At first the focus was mainly technologic, but regulations and news sources were also exploited.
The scenario of Hontza 2.0 is a platform serving to collaborative working groups. Each group define the list of main information sources. Hontza allows its exploitation and filtering. Hontza provides a discussion area and a collaborative working area where conclusions are obtained.
Result: Hontza 2.0 achieves the minimum framework for the competitive watching tasks. Hontza is not friendly enough and there remain some bugs in the installation and working process.
Some advanced users use it, but it isn't widely used.