4. April 2012 - Hontza 3.0

Hontza 3.0
Architecture: Based on Drupal
Partners: CDE and NetKam
Customer: ADEGI
Financing: SPRI
Content: Project to automate the whole process of Competitive and Strategic intelligence, based on Working Groups and a collaborative approach.
Hontza 3.0 includes:
  • A module of Strategy (challenges, subchallenges, decisions, information needs)
  • A module of Response (ideas, opportunities, projects)
  • A module of Bulletins and customised alerts
  • A module of Chat
  • A better usability in all the features
  • A contextual help system in all the features
  • An installation package that can be easily installed in Windows (using WAMPP)
Result: Hontza 3.0 is usable and can provide a service of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence.